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Helping students grow strong in the Lord

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At OCSI, we want to help each student grow strong in the Lord. One way we do this is by asking questions, for example:

  • Who is Jesus and why did He choose to come and be with us?
  • What is human dignity and why does it matter?
  • What do the miracles of Jesus teach us about His power?
  • What is good art?
  • What do I do when there is a communication gap?
  • How do you determine what is right and what is wrong?


Please continue to pray.

  • Ask God to work in the hearts of our students.
  • Praise God for providing elementary teachers, secondary teachers, and staff for OCSI for next school year.
  • Ask God to provide students, parents, and staff with good health during cold and flu season.

Thanks for being involved in God’s work in Japan!

Michael B. Essenburg, head of school
Equipping students to walk with Jesus and impact the world for Him
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Thank you for the privilege of educating your children


OCSI Connections:

We are glad to partner with you in the education of your children! We want to help your children grow, and we’re glad to see…

  • PreK students reaching out to each other. For example, one student helped another student cut pieces of paper.
  • Kindergarten mathematicians solving addition and subtraction problems.
  • First grade linguists expanding their vocabulary by using action worlds.
  • Second grade authors writing award nominations for their favorite books.
  • Third grade scientists collaborating while working to understand the effects of magnetism.
  • Fourth and 5th grade musicians learning guitar chords.
  • Sixth graders comparing the Biblical beliefs with beliefs of other religions.
  • Seventh grade scientists using microscopes to investigate what living things are made of.
  • Eighth grade artists thinking about how they draw and practicing their techniques.
  • High school students developing their leadership skills.
  • Tenth grade readers learning how to analyze a literary work from different perspectives.
  • High school scientists using concept maps to deepen their understanding of key principles and exploring Greek and Latin in order to master vocabulary.
  • Seniors applying for college entrance.
Check out the books written by our first graders!

Check out the books written by our first graders!

To learn more about what’s happening at OCSI, check us out on social media (FacebookInstagramTwitter) and check out PTF on Facebook.


Key dates:

  • 2/11: Open enrollment begins
  • 3/21: Conferences – no classes
  • 4/8-12: Spring Vacation – no school
  • 5/3: Golden Week Holiday – no school
  • 5/27: Memorial Day – no school
  • 6/12: Last day of classes, early student dismissal at 12:30
  • 8/21: First day of classes (see calendar for further dates)

Please note: Please remember that we will be having class on February 18 (previously a school holiday). If you have questions or concerns about sending your child(ren) to school on February 18, please contact the appropriate principal.


Thank you for the privilege of assisting you with the education of your children. If you have questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate staff member.

Michael B. Essenburg, head of school
Equipping students to walk with Jesus and impact the world for Him
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Helping students become effective communicators

Communication 3

Elementary Connections:

At OCSI we want your children to become effective communicators, including being effective writers. Through the Writer’s Workshop program, your child is encouraged to write on a variety of topics and in a variety of genres. Writing can help your child discover new things, reflect on their experiences, and teach others a new skill or idea. Here are some of the ways the teachers here at OCSI are helping your children become better writers:

Communication 2

“In Pre-K, students draw and write in notebooks. They are practicing their pre-writing skills. Parents can help at home by providing time with playdough to strengthen fine motor skills to prepare for future writing activities. In PreK we start helping our children the proper way of holding the pencil. Figuring out if the student is left or right handed.
We do appreciate parents’ support at home. In your child’s free time please give them a crayon or pencil and a paper to write, draw etc. It is also great if you as parent could spend time with your child. Make it a fun or game type of writing or drawing with your child. Not just giving your child a crayon and a paper.” — Mrs. Pallmann

“In Kindergarten, many of my students like to draw pictures, and I always encourage them to write something about their pictures. Most of them can tell what they drew but are hesitant to write. So, we start by just labeling their pictures and hoping they will become comfortable writing something about their pictures soon. Parents at home can integrate technology and mobile devices to motivate their students to write. Perhaps do a selfie adventure with their students and then use the pictures to encourage them to write something about their adventure. They can also take selfies of their favorite books, pets, or places they have been. With helpful prompts, I believe students will have fun writing!” — Mrs. Ikehara

“In 1st grade we have just completed our ‘how to’ writing unit! We have learned all about how to use “time” words and tell things in sequential order. We are moving into a short letter writing unit and will even be writing to first graders in Singapore! Parents may want to help their children by writing notes or letters to their child at home. They may also want to help their children write to someone who lives far away and go to the post office together to mail the letter!” — Mrs. Fox

Communication 1

“In 5th grade we become better writers by becoming better readers and then by writing what we read about. This quarter we read biographies and the students created posters and gave presentations on their findings. This was great for understanding informational texts and looking at historical figures through the different lenses of the authors the students read.” — Mr. Doerksen

Megan Roe, elementary principal
Equipping students to walk with Jesus and impact the world for Him
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Megan Roe

We hope your 2019 is off to a good start!

We hope your 2019 is off to a good start! Our is, and during 2019 we will continue using Christian education to reach children for Jesus. Please watch this video in which 3 Japanese Christians share their testimonies and emphasize the importance of reaching children.

Please continue to pray:

  • Ask God to use OCSI to reach children.
  • Ask God to provide staff for OCSI.

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Thanks for being involved in God’s work in Japan!

Michael B. Essenburg, head of school
Equipping students to walk with Jesus and impact the world for Him
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Welcome back from Christmas vacation 


PTF Connections:

We hope everyone had an amazing break and enjoyed spending time with their families and relaxing. We are pleased to announce the kids hoodies have arrived and the kids love them. We have already sold over seventy percent of our stock, exceeding our expectations. We are grateful for the support of the OCSI families, and we hope everyone enjoys the design and style as much as we do.


On January 14th, 2019, during the classroom observation and kite day, the PTF will be selling our OCSI adult sweatshirts and kid hoodies at the sale price. This special price ends soon, and there is a limited quantity, especially in the kids’ colors and sizes. We plan on submitting an additional order for the kids hoodies. However, we will need parents to submit an order form and payment to ensure the desired color and size as we are not ordering any stock beyond that. This order will be placed next week so please submit all orders as soon as possible as this is the final opportunity to do so.

In addition, please check in with the office for classroom observation day on the 14th of January. Each class has its own time schedule for this event so please ask for your respective grades. It will be a busy day as both secondary and elementary parents will be on campus for this event—so please plan accordingly. We look forward to seeing all our elementary families cooperating together to get their kites in the sky and enjoying the opportunity to observe the secondary and elementary classrooms to see the students’ learning environments.

Screen Shot 2019-01-11 at 1.26.05 PM

On January 24th, 2019, from 2:00PM to 3:00PM, the PTF will be hosting its second general meeting. This meeting will review our recent events, provide information about upcoming events, and allow us an opportunity to discuss feedback from these topics for future planning. We also plan to have coffee and snacks so we can have time to relax and meet and greet each other at the beginning of the meeting. We hope everyone can attend and enjoy themselves. If you have any questions, suggestions, comments, or concerns, please email us at ptf@ocsi.org. Please continue to check our Facebook, LINE, or the OCSI website for updates.

PTF Director,
Yumi Horii