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2017-03 ElementaryThank you for the privilege of assisting you with the education of your students. Through our Christ-centered program, we are working to help each student reach his/her potential. And we are excited that students are achieving the expected student outcomes
Students are…
  • Understanding God, His world, and their place in it.
  • Thinking critically and Biblically.
  • Collaborating with others, respecting them as God’s image bearers.
  • Communicating truthfully and effectively.
  • Creating ideas, products, and solutions.
Check out these blog posts which include examples of what students are learning!

Each spring we ask parents/guardians to update information. While some of the information forms are being sent home this week with the oldest child, other forms are available online:
  • Please review our Spring Packet. Next, please download, fill out, and return appropriate forms to the office by Friday, April 28. For example, please download the Tuition and Annual Fee Payment Plan Selection.
  • Please note that students entering grades 5 and 9 next year need to download and submit a satisfactory Tuberculosis Screening Form by Friday, August 4, unless they submitted a satisfactory TB screening when entering grade 4 or grade 8.

Please keep in mind the following important dates:

  • 4/3-7: Spring Break – no school, office closed
  • 4/14: 12:30 dismissal for students, professional development for teachers in the afternoon
  • 4/21: 1st and 2nd grade Kid City
  • 4/28: Elementary Field Day, Jr/Sr Banquet, Spring Packet forms due
  • 5/4: Progress reports
  • 5/5: Children’s Day – no school
  • 5/29: Memorial Day – no school

Please note that the date for opening the new road has been moved back. We will let you know when you can use the new road to get to school

And please celebrate with us that poles and netting have been installed on our playing field! This will help our students PlaySafely. We invite you to give a gift to PlaySafely Campaign in Japan or the US to help cover installation costs.

2017-03 Poles and Nets

I’m excited about technology at OCSI

I’m excited that…

  • Middle school students have just completed learning all the keys on the computer keyboard.
  • High school students are using Adobe Premiere to make a music video for “Believer” by Imagine Dragons; they are also developing OCSI’s yearbook.
  • High school computer scientists are creating lighting while learning about electricity and programming micro-controllers.

I’m also excited that OCSI teaches technology from the perspective of the Bible’s overarching story of creation-fall-redemption-restoration:

  • 1 (1)Creation (What’s God’s purpose?): God made people in His image, with the ability and responsibility to creatively develop the potential of creation. This includes making tools (for example, technology) that help us further develop God’s creation and serve our neighbors.
  • Fall (What’s wrong?): Because of sin, we put our trust in the tools rather than in God, and we use the tools to gratify our own desires, to avoid community, and to lie, manipulate, and hurt.
  • Redemption (What difference does Jesus make?): Because Jesus died and rose again to bring us a salvation more sure than the false promises of technology, we are free to use technology as God intended: under His authority, with wisdom, to further develop creation and serve our neighbors.
  • Restoration (What will you do?): The Technology Department equips students to walk with God and impact the world for Him. To do this, we help students understand how to operate technology, evaluate content, work with others, and think critically and creatively as responsible digital citizens. We do this so that students can humbly and creatively use the tools of technology to further develop God’s creation and serve their neighbors.


Kim Essenburg, curriculum coordinator
Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him
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Staff focus on mission, vision, and philosophy

As part of OCSI’s professional development program, new teachers participate in 12 hours of training on OCSI’s mission, vision, and philosophy. They reflect on the following 12 questions:
  1. Philosophy 3What’s your perspective?
  2. What’s true?
  3. What’s the Bible about?
  4. What’s distinctive about Christian education?
  5. How does OCSI compare?
  6. How does understanding our students’ perspective help?
  7. What are the implications of OCSI’s philosophy?
  8. What are the implications of OCSI’s vision?
  9. What are the implications of creation-fall-redemption-restoration?
  10. What does/doesn’t connecting God’s world/Word look like?
  11. How does God’s Word connect to the part of God’s world your students study?
  12. How can you help your students connect God’s world/Word?

Philosophy 1They also focus on the following key ideas:

During the final session, teachers develop a lesson plan designed to help students connect the part of God’s world they are studying with God’s Word.

Another great view from OCSI

Culture Fair is a success!

OCSI’s elementary school had its Culture Fair Friday, March 17. Third, fourth, and fifth graders made group presentations to the kindergarteners and first and second graders who cycled through their classrooms.

Upper elementary students have been preparing for weeks. Each group of 4 students was assigned a country, and the groups collaborated to research their country, create displays, and communicate in their presentation. The displays included many hands-on models to engage the younger children, including games, musical instruments, money replicas, houses, clothing, and food.

Many thanks to everyone who helped to make the day a success!


Parents prepare a delicious lunch for students!