Partnering with the Leadership Team to carry out OCSI’s mission and vision.

Board of Directors

Meet OCSI’s board, a group of volunteers along with OCSI’s head of school:

  • Chris Eyre (Chair): Chris is the Executive Pastor at Koza Baptist Church. He has a son who attends OCSI. He retired from the US military after 25 years and has a Master of Arts in Christian Leadership from Liberty University.  Chris is married to Hisami from Ginowan City, and has lived in Okinawa over 15 years.
  • Brian Woolery (Vice Chair): Brian is the Pastor of Keystone Nazarene Church Okinawa. As a missionary with the Nazarene Church, he previously served in Guam and the Philippines. Brian has 2 children who attend OCSI, has lived in Okinawa since 2010, and has a Master of Divinity from Asia Pacific Nazarene Theological Seminary.
  • Toshi Horii (Treasurer): Toshi is a financial consultant, has an MBA from Georgetown University, and has lived in Okinawa since 2013. Previously, he worked in banking in Japan, Singapore, and the United Kingdom. He has 2 children who attend OCSI.
  • Shu Aoki (Secretary): Shu is the head of Plants Juku which helps students learn five subjects and prepare for high school and college entrance exams. He taught Japanese at OCSI, has served as a board auditor, has an Ed.D. in Educational Leadership from Union University, and is affiliated with Charis Alliance Japan.

The board uses the policy governance model. The board sets the mission and vision, and the Leadership Team implements the mission and vision, which includes helping students achieve OCSI’s expected student outcomes. Board activity is monitored by the auditors and council, in compliance with the Articles of Incorporation.

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