We provide your child with a safe, healthy, Christ-centered learning environment. Your child will experience caring teachers who focus students on learning, reaching their potential, and living for Jesus.

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We want to help you equip your child!

Through our accredited, Christ-centered K-12 program, we equip your child to:

  1. Understand God, His world, and their place in it.
  2. Think critically and Biblically.
  3. Collaborate with others, respecting them as God’s image bearers.
  4. Communicate truthfully and effectively.
  5. Create ideas, products, and solutions.

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  5. Understanding a Christian-Focused, Western-style Education
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  1. 神とその世界を理解し、生徒が自らの立場を理解する。
  2. じっくりと聖書的に考える。
  3. 神に創られた者として、他人を敬い協力する。
  4. 正直に効果的に意思を伝える。
  5. 創造力、成果、解決策。