How to Apply

Step 1: Complete the online application from below:

>> Online Application Form

  • Upload the following documents with the online application form:
    • Immunization records
    • Copy of student’s passport
    • Physical Form
    • PK- K Applicants: Report cards or teacher narrative comments from any prior school years and the current year if applicable
    • 1st-12th applicants: Report cards (copies of the report cards you received as parents)
  • Application fees must be paid before the interview in JPN yen.
  • Official Transcripts/ Official School Records (All High School Applicants and High School) *Please submit it by day of your interview.

We are unable to receive and/or consider an application for admission until all documentation and application fee have been submitted.


Step 2: We review your application

  • If your documentation indicates eligibility, we will make arrangements for testing and/or an interview.
  • If your documentation indicates ineligibility, you will be notified when a denial decision has been made.
  • Applicants needing testing may need to come to OCSI for testing. Low test score may result in an interview not being scheduled.
  • Our administration interviews both the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student. For students and families outside of Okinawa, Skype or other digital options are available.

Step 3: We make a decision

  • We base our admission decisions on a variety of factors, including admissions priorities, class size, English language proficiency, special needs, and class dynamics.
  • We will communicate with you in writing (email and/or postal mail) regarding admission decisions, usually within 2 weeks of the testing and interview.
  • When your child has been approved, you finalize enrollment by:
    • Submitting a digital sign (which includes the Enrollment Agreement and the Tuition and Annual Fee Payment Plan Selection).
    • Paying enrollment fees.(please pay at the school office/ bank transfer)

Payment for Application fee and Enrollment fees

OCSI accepts payments through a wide variety of methods, including Japanese Domestic and Foreign International Wire Transfers. All incoming transactions should be remitted in Japanese Yen (JPY) and any bank transfer fees or handling charges are the responsibility of the sending party. Therefore, you should confirm with your bank that the total wire transfer amount agrees with your outstanding balance.

Account Name: Gakko Houjin Okinawa Christian Schools
Bank Name: Bank of Okinawa
Branch Number: 319 (Yomitan)
Account Number: 1424856
Zengin Bank Code: 0188