1. Review our admissions requirements.
  2. Submit your…
    • Completed new admissions application packet.
    • Required documents: proof of age, student records, and immunization records (see admissions application packet for additional information).
    • Application fees must be paid by the day of interview in cash (Japanese ¥ or American $) or its equivalent in a US dollar check made out to Okinawa Christian School International.  Overseas applicants, please inquire.
    • We are unable to receive and/or consider an application for admission until all documentation and application fee have been submitted.
  3. We review your application:
    • If your documentation indicates eligibility, we will make arrangements for testing and/or an interview.
    • If your documentation indicates ineligibility, you will be notified when a denial decision has been made.
  4. Applicants complete testing and interviews.
    • Applicants needing testing may need to come to OCSI one day for testing and another day for the interview. Low test score may result in an interview not being scheduled.
    • Our administration interviews both the parent(s)/guardian(s) and the student. For students and families outside of Okinawa, Skype or other digital options are available.
  5. We make a decision:
    • We base our admission decisions on a variety of factors, including admissions priorities, class size, English language proficiency, special needs, and class dynamics.
    • We will communicate with you in writing (email and/or postal mail) regarding admission decisions, usually within 5 work days of the testing and interview.
  6. When your child has been approved, you finalize enrollment by:
    • Submitting a new Enrollment Packet (which includes the Enrollment Agreement and the Tuition and Annual Fee Payment Plan Selection).
    • Paying enrollment fees.