Bus Service

  • OCSI has several bus routes, covering the central and southern part of the island.
  • When you apply, we may be able to provide a seat right away or we may need to place you on our waiting list.
  • Please review our school bus service policy for information about bus service, change requests, rules, and responsibilities.
  • Please note that for Child Safety concerns, we do not publish our Bus Routes and/or Stop Times on the OCSI Website nor any of our social media outlets (such as Facebook).Please contact the OCSI office for further information.⼦供達の安全を考え、バスルートや時間等は学校ウェブサイトをはじめフェイスブック等のソー シャルメディアには掲載しませんのでご了承ください。

Bus Drivers and Monitors

Bus #10 Bus Monitor

Bus #10

Bus #1 Bus Driver

Bus #1

Bus #8 Driver and Monitors

Bus #8

Bus #9 Bus driver and Monitor

Bus #9

Bus #2 Driver

Bus #2

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