Elementary Connections:

When we hear the word collaborate, we often think of students working on a group project or helping each other in class. In reality, however, collaboration can be so much more than that. Collaboration means that each student brings his or her strengths to help the group solve problems and tackle real issues. The ability to collaborate well with others is a skill that will not only help our children be successful in school, but also in life and work.

Screen Shot 2017-11-07 at 2.58.22 PMAt OCSI elementary we provide our students with opportunities everyday to develop their collaboration skills. It’s a blessing to see them learn from one another and grow as a team. Some of the ways we encourage collaboration include:

  • Circle times that encourage participation and group sharing (PreK).
  • Reading to a partner during Daily 5 (kindergarten)
  • Sharing our writing with a partner to get feedback before editing (1st grade).
  • Creating board games with a partner to reinforce math concepts (5th grade).
  • Designing group posters to share the setting, characters, and plot of a novel (literacy class).

Want to help your child become a better collaborator? Encourage them to listen and make eye contact during conversations, allow for unstructured play time and opportunities to be creative, and model using encouraging words so they can become an encourager as well.

Megan Roe, elementary principal
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Megan Roe

P.S. Just a reminder—the elementary chaplain (Mr. Roe) is available to provide personal counseling for students.

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