5th graders are learning how to communicate through oral biography reports.

OCSI Connections:

Yes, good things are happening at OCSI! For example, students continue to learn about God, His world, and their place in it:

  • K5 students are learning to compare height, length, weight, and capacity.
  • 2nd graders are learning to take surveys and use the data.
  • 8th grade mathematicians are collaborating and communicating with one another to apply systems of equations to real-world scenarios.
  • High school computer scientists are building a robot capable of sensing and following a line.

Another good thing that is happening is that we are putting forms online so parents can get a copy without having to go to the office or wait until they are sent home. For example, each spring we ask parents to update information. While some of the information forms will be sent home later in March with the oldest child, other forms are available now online.

  • Please review our Spring Packet.
  • Please note that students entering grades 5 and 9 next year need to submit a satisfactory Tuberculosis Screening Form by the first Friday in Augustunless they submitted a satisfactory TB screening when entering grade 4 or grade 8.

And finally, poles and netting are being installed on our playing field! This will help our students PlaySafely. We invite you to give a gift to PlaySafely Campaign in Japan or the US to help cover installation costs.