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Elementary Connections:

At OCSI we want your children to become effective communicators, including being effective writers. Through the Writer’s Workshop program, your child is encouraged to write on a variety of topics and in a variety of genres. Writing can help your child discover new things, reflect on their experiences, and teach others a new skill or idea. Here are some of the ways the teachers here at OCSI are helping your children become better writers:

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“In Pre-K, students draw and write in notebooks. They are practicing their pre-writing skills. Parents can help at home by providing time with playdough to strengthen fine motor skills to prepare for future writing activities. In PreK we start helping our children the proper way of holding the pencil. Figuring out if the student is left or right handed.
We do appreciate parents’ support at home. In your child’s free time please give them a crayon or pencil and a paper to write, draw etc. It is also great if you as parent could spend time with your child. Make it a fun or game type of writing or drawing with your child. Not just giving your child a crayon and a paper.” — Mrs. Pallmann

“In Kindergarten, many of my students like to draw pictures, and I always encourage them to write something about their pictures. Most of them can tell what they drew but are hesitant to write. So, we start by just labeling their pictures and hoping they will become comfortable writing something about their pictures soon. Parents at home can integrate technology and mobile devices to motivate their students to write. Perhaps do a selfie adventure with their students and then use the pictures to encourage them to write something about their adventure. They can also take selfies of their favorite books, pets, or places they have been. With helpful prompts, I believe students will have fun writing!” — Mrs. Ikehara

“In 1st grade we have just completed our ‘how to’ writing unit! We have learned all about how to use “time” words and tell things in sequential order. We are moving into a short letter writing unit and will even be writing to first graders in Singapore! Parents may want to help their children by writing notes or letters to their child at home. They may also want to help their children write to someone who lives far away and go to the post office together to mail the letter!” — Mrs. Fox

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“In 5th grade we become better writers by becoming better readers and then by writing what we read about. This quarter we read biographies and the students created posters and gave presentations on their findings. This was great for understanding informational texts and looking at historical figures through the different lenses of the authors the students read.” — Mr. Doerksen

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