Elementary Connections:

We all want our children to become effective and honest communicators, able to express their opinions and desires in kind and loving ways.
At OCSI we also want them to be proficient in writing, reading, listening, and speaking in English. This month has been full of opportunities for your children to develop their communication skills:

  • E9C5FCBF-AD1A-4E33-8CCA-C827A246AE5FChildren are learning winter vocabulary and played karuta (Japanese card game) with winter word cards during circle time (pre-K).

  • Children can receive “share passes” during Writer’s Workshop time, and they get to share their writing with the class and celebrate their progress together (kindergarten).

  • Children are always encouraged to say “please” and “thank you” and to use kind words all the time (kindergarten).

  • Children shared with each other about a special activity they did over Christmas break, and they were asked to use their senses (I saw, I heard, etc.) as they communicated in order to make it more effective (1st grade).

  • Children are consistently discussing how to communicate empathy and respect for each other, in the pursuit of becoming a better team (2nd grade).

  • Children create original vocabulary sentences each week before the spelling test and then get three friends to peer-edit them. They are also learning that being honest is being helpful (5th grade).


Next month, elementary will celebrate the Week of Reading with guest readers, a character parade, Dr. Seuss birthday parties, buddy reading, pajama day, and a 5th grade read-in. We are planning some fun and exciting reading activities for your children here at school, and we hope that you will come celebrate with us at Family Reading Night on March 1. More information about this special week coming soon!

If you’re a preK-2nd grade parent and you’d like to learn how to more effectively read and discuss books at home with your child, please join Mrs. Julie Woolery for her Mother Read class, starting January 25 (2-3 p.m.).

Megan Roe, elementary principal
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Megan Roe

P.S. Check out the schedule for our Week of Reading and the reminder about re-enrollment (re-registration)!

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