I’m excited that our Bible scholars…

  • Learn about who made them (kindergarten).
  • Explore the miracles of Jesus and how they can grow in the fruit of the Spirit  (elementary).
  • Focus on the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus, how the early Church started, and how the Gospel has spread (middle school).
  • Apply Biblical principles to finances and compare creationism and evolution (high school).

I’m also excited that OCSI teaches Bible from the perspective of the overarching story of creation-fall-redemption-restoration:

  • Creation (What’s God’s purpose?): God created all things very good for His own glory. Adam and Eve lived in right relationship with God, creation, each other, and themselves—they glorified and enjoyed God, cared for and developed creation, nurtured flourishing community with each other, and experienced psychological and emotional wholeness.
  • Fall (What’s wrong?): Because of sin, our relationships with God, creation, each other, and ourselves are broken. We worship false gods, abuse creation, hurt and fail each other, and experience psychological and emotional brokenness.
  • Redemption (What difference does Jesus make?): Jesus lived life as God intended it to be lived—sinlessly and for God’s glory. Jesus died and rose again to free us from the power of sin. All who believe in Jesus are indwelt by the Holy Spirit, restored to right relationship with God, and empowered to live as Jesus did—in healthy relationship with creation, others, and self.
  • Restoration (What will you do?): The Bible Department equips students to walk with God and impact the world for Him. To do this, we emphasize sharing the Gospel and discipleship by meeting students where they are spiritually and by helping them (a) to read the Bible, (b) to develop Biblical literacy and a Christian worldview, (c) to think Biblically, and (d) to make and live out an informed commitment to Jesus.