OCSI Elementary Connections: 

Our school year is off to a rapid start! I trust that your family has started this year smoothly.  It was nice to see so many people at our Open House!  

We are now halfway through our first quarter, and progress reports will be available on Friday, September 16, on your Jupiter account. If you are having trouble locating information, remember that you can locate all information in our student handbook, and it can be read in English or Japanese.  

Please check the upcoming events and activities below and review the school calendar on our website to keep current on all our school events.


  • 9/19 and 10/10: Teacher Professional Work Days
  • 9/20-21:  Student Picture Day
  • 9/27-30:  4th & 5th Camping at Nakijin
  • 10/21  End of 1st Quarter
  • 11/3   Parent-Teacher Conferences
  • 11/12 Walkathon


  • Kindergarten Sports Day: Families of kindergarten students will be having an exciting activity day on September 22 at the park below our school. There is no school for kindergarten on this day. Bring your picnic lunch and enjoy at time of meeting other families around games and a picnic!
  • Our Parent Math Night has been moved to a different night: Thursday, October 13, from 6:30-7:30 PM. The event will include online training on tutorial and math activities in CPU lab, video training in the library, and refreshments and teacher interaction in the cafeteria.

Brad Jernberg, elementary principal
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playsafely-largeP.S. As you may recall, Yomitan is connecting the road by the back entrance (Sera-en) to the big road above OCSI. Due to road construction, we are preparing to put in a fence with netting between the end of the playing field and the new road. We are also preparing to enhance the back entrance to school.

To raise funds for these important projects, we have launched our PlaySafely Campaign. We will send more information about our campaign soon.