Elementary Connections:

The ability to create new ideas and philosophies, design and revise products, and think critically to find solutions to real world problems is what makes us as humans so uniquely and wonderfully created by God. In the changing world economy, these same skills are also increasingly in demand by employers. At OCSI, we start helping children develop these skills from a very young age:

  • IMG_1002Children are working together to figure out how far to move a box from a ramp in order to have their match box cars land in the box and how to reinforce bridges on train tracks with blocks (PreK).
  • Children created their own version of the famous pigeon book series and entitled it “Don’t Let the Pigeon Be the Teacher” (1st grade writing).
  • Children created mini ecosystems/biomes in science class (3rd grade science).
  • Children designed their own inventions on paper and then made them out of 3D materials (3rd grade art).
  • Children used Little Bits technology to create a display that read the classroom temperature to help them decide when to turn on the air conditioner and are now creating and designing their own droid (5th grade science).
  • Children are writing personal memoirs after analyzing the comings and goings, major points, themes, and connections in their own lives (5th grade writing).

Little Bits Droid Creators

We’re looking forward to the OCSI Elementary Week of Reading next week! We hope that your child will have fun as we celebrate and inspire a love of reading! We hope that you will join us for Family Reading Night as well on Thursday, March 1 from 5-6 p.m.

Megan Roe, elementary principal
Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him
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Megan Roe