At OCSI, we want our students to collaborate. We want our students to collaborate effectively, respecting others as God’s image bearers. So, we want our students to…stick-people-2324013_640
  1. Work productively in groups to focus ideas and create artworks that address genuine local and global community needs.
  2. Discuss course content with honesty and kindness.
  3. Establish and sustain positive relationships and build Christ-centered community.
  4. Work with others to solve problems and help each other learn.
  5. Follow discussion guidelines.
  6. Respect other languages and cultures.
  7. Work in groups to serve their audience in performance and to build Christ-centered community.
  8. Demonstrate good sportsmanship that encourages both their own team and opponents to appreciate and develop their skills.
  9. Work productively in groups to design and carry out explorations and experiments.
  10. Follow debate guidelines.
  11. Use digital tools appropriately to enhance collaboration.
  12. Make purposeful suggestions to the group, as they build Christ-centered community.
To help students grow as collaborators, we use a variety of strategies, including:
  • Encouraging active listening.
  • Assigning roles within a group.
  • Debriefing how group work went.


SuperintendentSays Michael Essenburg, head of school: “Our world needs effective, respectful collaborators. Our world needs collaborators who can serve in different cultures and make an impact for Jesus. I’m glad our students are growing as collaborators.”