chat-1294839_640At OCSI, we want our students to communicate. We want our students to communicate truthfully and effectively. So, we ask our students to…
  1. Use language and art to communicate about and through art.
  2. Read the Bible with attention to internal consistency, historical context, literary genre, and study helps.
  3. Follow directions, clearly express thoughts and needs, and speak the truth in love.
  4. Use accurate research, share Biblical teaching, and use language ethically and to serve others.
  5. Refine their reading, writing, listening, and speaking skills.
  6. Communicate in Japanese both effectively and truthfully.
  7. Interpret and use data accurately and ethically.
  8. Refine their music-related skills and effectively perform music that communicates truth about God, His world, and the human experience of living in it.
  9. Speak respectfully to teammates, opponents, and authority figures.
  10. Report accurately and effectively, based on quality research and responsible experimentation.
  11. Use accurate research, share Biblical teaching, participate effectively in civic discussion, and use their voices as citizens to promote peace and justice.
  12. Communicate information and ideas ethically and effectively to multiple audiences using a variety of media and formats.
  13. Express and interpret information and ideas using woodworking vocabulary in ways that are appropriate to colleagues, customers, and employers.

Kindergarten Christmas Program

SuperintendentSays Michael Essenburg, head of school: “Our world needs truthful, effective communicators. Our world needs communicators who serve others. I’m glad our students are growing as communicators.”