OCSI Elementary Connections:

Our Parent Math Night was a rich experience! Parents were able to see the various math resources available to them on their computers. The parents were able to get on computers and access games, songs, tutorials and practice sheets. We spent some time going over frequently asked questions and interacting together about the new My Math resources.


Great times were had at camp this year, including:

  • Students learning about God’s creation and spending time jumping in the waves at the beach.
  • 14 parents coming up and helping with our meal preparation—thank you!
  • Students learning different aspects of outdoor education and ecology.
  • Students having chances to build strong relationships with games, devotions, and crafts.

Parent-teacher conferences are on November 3. This is a time to make connections with your child’s teacher. Questions you might ask include: Where are my child’s strengths? How can I better support them at home? What areas of learning do they need to spend more time practicing?  How are they doing at building friendships? What events are coming up this next quarter?


logo_playsafely_500Walkathon is on Saturday, November 12—join us!  We need you to help us with our Play Safely Campaign. We need to build a 10-meter fence on our property as a barrier to a new public road. Walkathon proceeds will help fund this project so students and athletes can enjoy a safe play zone on our campus. You might be wondering:

(1) What’s the registration deadline? You may register through November 12. If you would like to have your Walkathon T-shirt in time for Walkathon, please register by Friday, October 28. Forms are on our Walkathon page.

(2) If my student is in kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade, what do I need to keep in mind? Please make sure there is an adult walking with your student, and please pay ¥3500 for that person also.

(3) What about young children (2 and under)? They may “walk” the course, provided they are carried by an adult or provided they are in a stroller. Young children (2 and under) may register, but are not required to register—unregistered participants do not receive a T-shirt, snack bag, or insurance.

(4) If my student doesn’t want to walk, can he/she still come that day and join the fun? Of course! Once your student registers and pays ¥3500, your student can participate in the games and will receive a T-shirt and snack bag.

(5) What’s for lunch? Instead of lunch, we are providing all participants with a snack bag at the finish line.

(6) Are we going to race? The main focus this year is fun, fellowship, and fundraising. Participants are free to go at their own pace.

(7) What does the (approximately) 6-kilometer course look like? Please see the course map on our Walkathon page.

See you at Walkathon on Saturday, November 12!

Brad Jernberg, elementary principal
Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him
Elementary Connections: September, August
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P.S. Thank you for using our handbook. I just wanted to review that according to School Hours and Expectations, our playgrounds are not be supervised before 8:00 a.m. or after school. Consequently, we ask that parents arrange to have their children arrive on campus no earlier than 8:00 a.m. and leave the campus at the close of classes. 午前8時以前及び放課は後監督者がいませんので、朝8時前に子供達を登校させないように、学校が終わったら速やかに下校するようにしてください。