As her teacher looks on, a student reports to her mother what she has learned in 1st grade.

Friday’s student-led conferences were exciting! Why? Because students and parents had good conversations about learning. 


A 4th grader shares her learning portfolio with her parents.

One elementary teacher said, “The students did a great job of communicating.” A middle school teacher commented, “The parents were so encouraging.”


A 5th grader discusses his learning.

To prepare for these student-led conferences, students selected samples of their work, assessed what they had learned, reflected on what made a piece of work satisfying or challenging, and set goals. Students then presented their findings to their parents.


A middle school student assesses what he would do differently on his geography project the next time.

As you can see, student-led conferences required students to do a significant amount of critical thinking. At OCSI, we want students thinking critically about their learning. We want them thinking about what worked well and what could be done better next time because we know this will help them both now and in the future.


A high school student presents her learning portfolio to her parents.

Thanks to all who worked to make this day a success!