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First, let me share what “respond sincerely” means. By “respond,” I mean consider, grapple with, reflect on, mull over, and interact with. By “sincerely,” I mean genuinely, earnestly, honestly, personally, and authentically. And by “respond sincerely,” I mean consider genuinely, grapple with earnestly, reflect on honestly, mull over personally, and interact with authentically.

Second, let me share what the opposites of “respond” and “sincerely” mean. Let me share what “react” and “insincerely” mean. By “react,” I mean oppose, fight, counter. Reactions lead to lack of learning, lack of reflection, and lack of sharing. By “insincerely,” I mean superficially, impersonally, and hypocritically. Insincerity makes me cringe and feel sad.

Now, let me give you a starter list of 5 action steps you can take to help your child respond sincerely to your questions:

  1. Ask open-ended questions.
  2. Make sure your child understands what each question means.
  3. Be natural when asking questions.
  4. Be a good listener. Really listen to what your child says.
  5. Ask God to help your child respond sincerely to your questions.

Have a good conversation!