Read-In students enjoy the dinner brought in by our wonderful parents!

PTF Connections:

Hello, Parents! We have only a few months of school left in this school year, but some important and exciting things are happening soon.
  • Please remember to re-register your children for next school year! Open enrollment starts next week, and classes are filling up.
  • Also, continue to tell your friends about OCSI, and encourage them to apply. Your personal recommendation is very effective in reaching new families.

One of the things I love the most about OCSI is our loving and dedicated teachers. We will have Teacher Appreciation Week April 10-13 (the week after Spring Break).

  • Plan to do something special for your children’s teachers that week. You can give a small gift or write a thank you card.
  • We will be posting ideas of ways to say thank you on the PTF Facebook page.
  • We will also host a brunch for the teachers on Thursday, April 13. Please bring brunch items (breakfast, lunch, snacks, etc.) to the office that morning, and the teachers will be able to enjoy it throughout the day.
  • If you have any questions, please email

Thank you for your continued support for your children and our school community!

Julie Woolery
PTF Director


2017-02-27 Open House
We enjoyed having prospective parents come for open house on February 27!