Middle School Happenings:

Last week was Service Week. Students were assigned to one of several service groups as we put some practical application to the things we have been learning in Bible class. One great way of loving others is to provide some sort of service to them. Our students were able to experience a variety of opportunities to do just that. Service week is always a wonderful opportunity to step out of the classroom and to see the world from a different perspective. We certainly had a memorable, perhaps even life-changing, experience! Check out the OCSI Facebook page or search OCSI Service Week on Youtube for more videos and pictures of Service Week.

Each month the middle school teachers are focusing on a particular character trait among our students. To go along with Service Week, this month’s character trait is service. In addition to the service we are doing for Service Week, we are looking for spontaneous acts of service in middle school. Hopefully, we see many examples—not only this month, but even beyond!