Annual Report 2019: Secondary (Head of SchoolElementary Business Manager)

I’m so excited to look back over a year of growth, both inside and outside the classroom. I’m thankful to be a part of OCSI and the amazing people that make it what it is. As we remember that learning is a journey with a constantly moving target, we are focused on growing all aspects of our students as we equip them to walk with Jesus and impact the world for him.


  • During their time at camp, we had several students commit to follow Jesus. We celebrate their decision and commit to walk alongside them as they continue to grow with him.
  • As always, Service Week (see video) provided an opportunity for our students to love of Jesus all over the island and in a variety of settings.
Our students attend our International College Fair in March.

Our students attend our International College Fair in March.


  • We continued to use MAP testing in grades 3-9 to monitor student growth in key academic areas. Next year we will extend the use of this tool through 11th grade.
  • Middle school English students had multiple opportunities to show off their products and grow in their written work and presentation skills.
  • Students in chemistry club have been meeting every Friday during their lunch to further explore God’s creation by investigating concepts of chemistry.
  • OCSI held its first college fair with guest professors speaking to students.



  • Several high school students participated in an exchange with Ishikawa High School allowing them to grow new friendships and cultural understandings. Our students enjoyed having them on our campus and then visiting their new friends on their campus.
  • Several clubs were added this year to meet the needs and interests of our students. No matter the content of the club, students have been meeting in small groups and connecting with other students and their club sponsors.
Secondary students perform during their December 7 Christmas program.

Secondary students perform during their December 7 Christmas program.

Sports and Fine Arts

  • It is always a wonderful thing to watch as our athletic teams grow in skill and character from the first game of the season to the last.
  • The Secondary Christmas Program was a great opportunity to see how our students have developed an grown in the performing arts.
  • The USAF Band of the Pacific performed for an outdoor concert for our students.

Thank you for sharing your child with us!

Brynn Childers, secondary principal

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