I’m excited that our kindergarteners…

  • Learn their letters and how to read.
  • Explore numbers, putting them in order, representing them with objects, etc.
  • Persist to solve problems by trying different configurations when building with blocks.
  • Classify things.
  • Apply Biblical principles to what they learn. For example, since God made all things, we should be thankful and use what God made the way God wants.
  • Develop social-emotional skills that prepare them for citizenship.

I’m also excited that OCSI teaches kindergarten from the perspective of the Bible’s overarching story of creation-fall-redemption-restoration:

  • Creation (What’s God’s purpose?): Because God created people in His image, even the smallest child deserves respect and love. They are creative, communicative meaning-makers and truth seekers. They have gifts, and they are able to learn. 
  • Fall (What’s wrong?): Because of sin, society can neglect or misuse children, or simply fail to support their flourishing. Children may face physical, social, emotional, and learning challenges. Children themselves can misuse or abdicate responsibility for their own and their peers’ gifts.
  • Redemption (What difference does Jesus make?): Because Jesus said, “Let the little children come to me,” we follow His example of valuing children in their whole beings—physical, social, emotional, spiritual, and intellectual—and we introduce them to Jesus. Because Jesus died and rose again to free them from the power of sin, they are free to build meaning in the world God has given them, with the gifts God has given them, in the communities God has placed them, with gratitude to God and love for their neighbors.
  • Restoration (What will you do?): Kindergarten equips students to walk with God and impact the world for Him. To do this, we seek to meet each child where he/she is, support their flourishing as whole beings, ignite their God-given gifts and curiosity, and prepare them to effectively and joyfully rise to the challenges of a formal education.

2017-04-12 Kindergarten B