Our preK-12 program develops world influencers.

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OCSI utilizes standard texts and educational materials used by American schools in the development of its curriculum. Frequently used publishers include: ACSI (Association of Christian Schools International), Harcourt-Brace, Wright Group/McGraw-Hill, and many others. All subjects are taught in accordance with the Expected Student Outcomes (ESO), which are derived from OCSI’s Christian Philosophy of Education. Elementary grade subjects include: English, Mathematics, Bible, Social Studies, Science, Japanese, P.E., and Art.

OCSI implemented the Rubicon Atlas web-based system for curriculum mapping, course scope and sequencing, and lesson-plan management in June, 2008. Teachers can use this system to track their progress in the curriculum, plan lessons, and ensure that all lessons are tied directly to OCSI’s “Expected Student Outcomes” (more below). In the future this system will be made available to OCSI families via the internet, making it possible for students and parents to view progress through the curriculum from home.