Alumni Testimonials

OCSI Alumni_MatomoI am currently studying at Jacobs University Bremen in Germany. This is my 3rd year at Jacobs, and I am finishing my bachelor of science degree in Biochemistry and Cell Biology. My thesis project is focused on meta-genomic sequence analysis of environmental samples from Arctic ocean using bioinformatics and multivariate statistics.   *environmental samples extracted from the Arctic Ocean My favorite moment from OCSI is the Spirit Week!!. It was one week of the year when I got to dress up like CRAZY and no one said a THING!

Future plans or dreams: I am planning to pursue my career in Bioinformatics or as a Data Scientist/Engineer. But we will see,,, I will never know where I end up in!

Class of 2017, Matomo Niwano| Jacob University, Germany

OCSI Alumni_Tia CalvinSubject you are studying: Studying Journalism, working as the campus marketing/social media coordinator

Your best OCSI memory: Best OCSI memory is cheering during basketball games with the cheerleading squad!

Future Plans or dreams: My future plan is to graduate college and work for a media company then eventually host my own talk show!

Class of 2017, Tia Calvin| Lipscomb University, United States

OCSI Alumni_Kina I am currently studying music performance and business at Berklee College of Music in Boston. With minimal musical theory background, I personally reached out to a music teacher with experience for the theoretical backbone I could get in a short time period and built a performance repoitore on my own for the admission audition. The preparation for the admission process required honing in on my singing, improvising and performance skills and mental state to be confident, comfortable and have fun at a once in a lifetime opportunity. The success of my admission traces back to the confidence I’ve developed overtime, through my upbringing, as well as Okinawa, better yet, OCSI. This school’s organic environment, allows students to grow according to their pure character, and taking advantage of the small environment provides students opportunities to be active in the community, and enhances work ethic and communication skills.

Class of 2016, Kinami Nakaza| Berklee College of Music in Boston, United States

OCSI ALUMNI_KENTOI am an undergraduate student majoring in computer science at Brown University.  Academically, I am focusing on artificial intelligence and I am part of a research lab. All my favorite memories revolve around cross-country, basketball, and Track & Field. Competing in the FarEast tournaments were especially unforgettable, and so I highly recommend doing sports all year-round during your time at OCSI.

Class of 2016, Kento Nambara| Brown University, United States

My favorite memory from OCSI is Crusaders Carnival. I remember all the fun we would have set up the games and everyone that came to participate in the games. All the classes that hosted and all the teachers who participated that made it so much fun, to go and have fun.  My goal is to graduate with both my degrees. I am studying Liberal Studies and History, trying to become and educator. I want to eventually get my doctorate in history focusing on Native American History, or Polynesian History. I want to teach Elementary first before pursuing my doctorate in history, and eventually become a university professor.

Class of 2016, Grace Metz| Azusa Pacific University, United States

Mariko My name is Mariko Kobayashi, graduate from Class of 2014. I graduated from Sophia University in 2018 in Tokyo. Currently, I am working at a multinational service company in Tokyo. I feel very blessed to have had an opportunity to have my education at Okinawa Christian School International. Since it is a small-sized international school, I felt very close with my teachers and classmates and I also felt that the teachers were really dedicated to helping us individually with our education. It also provided me a safe learning environment where I was able to openly share my opinions and also hear from others despite the fact that we all came from different backgrounds. I really loved the school events such as Spirit Week, Friendship Friday, and Camps where I was able to bond with many students and teachers. I value these relationships I have built with the teachers and friends because they are still around to support me.

Class of 2014, Mariko Kobayashi

I am Jamie (Jimin) Oh, graduate of OCSI as a class of 2014. After graduating from OCSI, I entered Yonsei University located in Songdo, Incheon and Seodaemun, Seoul. Yonsei University is unique in the fact that all freshmen students have to enter dormitory mandatorily in their freshmen year at Songdo. Then most of the majors would move to Seoul campus from their sophomore year. I have entered Underwood International College Underwood Division. Underwood International College (UIC) holds all of its curriculum in English and has high number of international students compared to other colleges. During the Sophomore year, students specifically in the Underwood Division can choose between four majors, including economics, political science, international studies, and comparative literature. I am currently majoring in economics and economics is the most popular major. Having high GPA is the most important criterion in order to get into Yonsei University, but I prepared for Yonsei University by taking SAT, JLPT N1, TOEFL, and TOPIK (Korean Proficiency Test).

Class of 2014, Jamie Oh