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OCSI Elementary Blog Posts

I’m excited about social studies at OCSI

I’m excited that our student historians, geographers, and political scientists are… Practicing social skills by playing a game (kindergarten). Thinking critically about Renaissance personalities by designing FaceBook pages for them (elementary). Communicating findings about the [...]

I’m excited about math at OCSI

I’m excited that our student mathematicians are… Using arrays to understand how multiplication and division are related (elementary). Applying percentages to marketing: profit, loss, mark-up, discount (middle school). Applying the slope-intercept form of a line [...]

Christmas program celebrates Jesus’ birth

Friday night elementary students entertained family and friends with their annual Christmas program in the auditorium of the Yomitan Cultural Center. The students presented a Biblical view of Christmas and sang a variety of songs, [...]

Thanks for helping with Holiday Market

PTF Connections: Thank you to everyone who helped with the Holiday Market! It was a wonderful day filled with music, delicious food, shopping, and fun interaction for our school community.  I hope you were able [...]

Our Program

Our classes (except foreign language) are taught in English, and we use an American-style program that addresses the whole person, is Biblically based, recognizes all truth is God’s truth, emphasizes sharing the Gospel and discipleship, and encourages Biblical thinking and living.

Our elementary program includes Bible, core academics, and specialist instruction in art, computer applications, Japanese language, music, physical education, and library skills.

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Elementary Teachers

Aoki, Manami Japanese (Adv) email website
Carpenter, Brad 5.2 email website
Cleek, Chelsea 4.2 email website
Engbers, Brittany 3.1 email website
Faulkner, Coleen 5.1 email website
Fox, DeAnne 1.2 email website
Fox, Jim 2.2 email website
Fox, Madeline Aide email
Guiles, Melisa 2.1 email website
Jernberg, Heidi 3.2 email website
Lloyd, Carolyn Art email website
Lopez, Norah PE email website
Meredith, Jason PE email website
Metz, Katsumi Japanese (Beg) email website
Reasoner, Linda Elementary Music email website
Roe, Andy Elementary Chaplain email website
Rubero, Viviana Literacy Coach email
Sorley, Lisa 4.1 email website
Turner, Sarah 1.1 email website
Yabe, Hitomi Japanese (Int) email website