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I’m excited about learning at OCSI

Students need to learn a lot during their elementary, middle, and high school years. They need to learn things like how to spell beautiful, what the square of a number is, and where democracy began. And that’s [...]

Spirit Week full of fun

As we head into the end of the 2nd quarter, high school has been working hard to finish well. From the completion of exams, to the Science Fair, to participation in Spirit Week and Homecoming, the students have [...]

I’m excited about woodshop at OCSI

I'm excited that our student woodworkers are... Learning the basic skills to design and create clocks (middle school). Crafting a variety of projects including a puzzle or sign (high school, Woodshop 1). Applying all basic [...]

Student scientists inquire, create, and communicate

At OCSI, we want students to understand the world, to think critically, to communicate effectively, and to create products and solutions. Sixth through 10th graders demonstrated all of these competencies at the science fair Friday. Projects [...]

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Our Program

Our classes (except foreign language) are taught in English, and we use an American-style program that addresses the whole person, is Biblically based, recognizes all truth is God’s truth, emphasizes sharing the Gospel and discipleship, and encourages Biblical thinking and living. 

Our high school program includes Bible, core academics, electives (art, computer applications, music, woodshop), honors courses (English, math), Advanced Placement courses (English, math), online courses from Sevenstar, and cocurricular program including sports and student government.

High School Teachers

Aoki, Manami Japanese Language email website
Baumgart, Ryan HS Bible email website
Cusumano, Dan Woodshop email website
Essenburg, Kim HS English email website
Freese, Maegan HS English email website
Kline, Garry HS Computer Apps email
Lloyd, Carolyn Art email website
Lloyd, Evan Technology email
Lopez, Norah PE email website
Meredith, Jason PE email website
Metz, Katsumi Japanese Language email website
Moyer, Guy HS English email website
Nelson, Jessica Media, Yearbook email website
Reasoner, Don HS Music, Secondary Chaplain email website
Reihle, Jessica HS Science email website
Roe, Andy HS Bible email website
Roe, Megan HS Social Studies email website
Rush, Judi HS Social Studies email website
Skarin, Brad HS Science email website
Suzuki, Stanley HS Math email website
Toffenetti, Emily HS Math email website
Yabe, Hitomi Japanese Language email website