Good things are happening at OCSI: 

  • 1st and 4th grade musicians are learning what the family of stringed instruments have in common.
  • 2nd grade readers are building stamina. They are reading to themselves for 17 minutes without stopping.
  • 6th grade Bible students are making creative presentations on God’s riches vs. the world’s riches.
  • 8th grade historians are doing a simulation about being on an exploration ship in the late 1400s. They are learning to collaborate and to solve problems.
  • 12th grade government students are examining Biblical principles of leadership from Philippians 2 and applying them to their knowledge of different forms of government (for example, monarchy, dictatorship, and democracy).
  • High school scientists are thinking about the scientific method and learning how to design a controlled experiment.

Thank you to all the elementary and secondary teachers for helping students grow!


Kim Essenburg, curriculum coordinator
Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him
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