I’m excited that our student artists are…

  • Creating their own worlds and reviewing the elements of art (elementary).
  • Sketching their shoes to demonstrate mastery of proportion, textures, and blending (middle school).
  • Doing contour patterns and designing logos (high school).

I’m also excited that OCSI teaches art from the perspective of the Bible’s overarching story of creation-fall-redemption-restoration:

  • Creation (What’s God’s purpose?): God is creative, enjoys beauty, and communicates some of His truth through His creation. As God’s image bearers, humans are creative, are tasked with developing the potential of creation (including visual art), and can perceive truth as revealed in God’s creation.
  • Fall (What’s wrong?): Because of sin, we glorify art and artists rather than the Creator. We fail to see and develop the possibilities of beauty and creativity within ourselves, others, and God’s creation. We wrongly perceive and wrongly communicate God’s truth seen in His creation.
  • Redemption (What difference does Jesus make?): Because Jesus died and rose to free us from the power of sin, we can use art to glorify God and to develop the potential of creation as God intended. We can see how God reveals Himself through His creation.
  • Restoration (What will you do?): The Art Department equips students to walk with God and impact the world for Him. To do this, we help students understand, produce, and respond to art. We do this so students use art to glorify and enjoy God and serve their neighbors as they further develop the potential of God’s creation.

Meet Mrs. Lloyd, who teaches art. One thing she likes about OCSI is the amazing creativity of the students. She says, “They always surprise me by coming up with new and brilliant ways of expressing their ideas and addressing artistic challenges.”


Kim Essenburg, curriculum coordinator
Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him
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