OCSI Connections:

We count it a privilege to assist you with the education of your children by providing Christian education (Deuteronomy 6:1-7). We partner with you to help your child grow and reach his/her potential.


We also partner with you by communicating about what’s happening at OCSI. We post grades online, email newsletters, have open house, and have conferences twice a year. We also share good things that are happening, for example:

  • PreK-kindergarten students are mastering daily routines.
  • 2nd grader writers are adding details to help the reader make a mental picture.
  • 4th grade scientists are soaking up our new science curriculum and showing much excitement through Tuesday “investigation days.”
  • 8th grade social scientists are practicing discussion skills, and our 8th grade mathematicians worked in groups to solve 2-step equations.
  • High school media designers are making a virtual yearbook that will come to life through video.
  • 11th grade Bible scholars are analyzing passages in Genesis.

To learn more about what’s happening at OCSI, check us out on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) and check out PTF on Facebook.

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Another way we partner with you is through PTF. We are excited about PTF’s plans for Holiday Market on Saturday, November 17. While plans are not yet finalized, there will be good vendors, good food, good fellowship, and more—see you there! (Last year, Holiday Market was combined with Walkathon. This year Walkthon will not be held. This Leadership Team decision followed a review of staff and parent input, an assessment of Walkathon results and staff workload, and PTF’s decision to focus on Holiday Market and to not take on Walkathon.)


Key dates:

  • 10/8: Professional Development Day—no school for students
  • 11/2: Parent/Teacher Conferences—no school for students
  • 11/12: OCSI Holiday — no school for students, office closed
  • 11/17: Holiday Market
  • 11/21: Professional Development Day—no school for students
  • 11/22-23: Thanksgiving Vacation—office closed


Thanks again for the privilege of assisting you with the education of your student(s). If you have questions or concerns, please contact the appropriate staff member.

Michael B. Essenburg, head of school
Equipping students to walk with Jesus and impact the world for Him
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P.S. Please share how much you love OCSI with your friends who might be looking for a school (see the Referral Coupon for details).