OCSI Connections:

Growth—that’s what I see when I look around OCSI! Students are growing, staff are growing, and OCSI as an organization is growing.

How are students growing?

  • K5 mathematicians learned the concepts of greater than and less than.
  • Third grade geographers studied the rivers of the world and made a travel brochure for Australia and the Murray River.
  • Fifth grade writers learned the spelling rules for plural nouns.
  • Our 8th grader readers discussed what motivates people to action to reinforce character motivations as seen in “The Endless Steppe.”
  • High school musicians discussed music in the Middle Ages and the role of the Church.
  • Ninth grade scientists learned how to approach their science fair projects by first making observations and then formulating a research question.
  • Grade 12 social scientists used current events to analyze the responsibilities and challenges of leadership.
  • High school computer programmers learned how to make video games.
Staff reflect on effective communication.

Staff reflect on effective communication.

Staff grew as a result of our September 19 professional day:

  • Staff deepened their understanding of how effective communication keeps us safe.
  • Teaching staff further developed the curriculum and identified additional ways to implement our upgraded math curriculum.
  • Support staff learned more about using Google Docs.

Organizationally, we have…

  • Focused our culture even more on our values: Christ-centered community, focus, empowerment, best practice, and growth.
  • Enhanced our communication through newsletters, social media (FacebookInstagramPinterestTwitter), and this blog.
  • playsafely-largePrepared for the new public road that will run from back entrance to the big road above OCSI. We have planned for a fence with netting between the end of the playing field and the new road, for enhancing the back entrance to school, and for extending the fence by the elementary playground (for a total estimated cost of ¥7 million / US$70,000). And we have launched our PlaySafely Campaign.

Join me in celebrating growth!

Sincerely, Michael B. Essenburg, superintendent
Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him
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