Did you know that reading has the following 9 benefits?

  1. Builds knowledge
  2. Improves achievement
  3. Increases motivation
  4. Increases vocabulary
  5. Improves writing
  6. Builds background knowledge
  7. Improves understanding of text structures
  8. Develops empathy
  9. Develops personal identity

These 9 benefits are identified by the authors of Disrupting Thinking, and we want our students to gain all these benefits! So, Thursday afternoons secondary students are dropping everything and reading. They are spending 25 minutes of uninterrupted silent reading time with their homeroom teachers.

We kicked off our Drop Everything and Read program on Thursday—it went well!

  • Students and teachers were deeply engaged with books.
  • There were boxes of books or classroom libraries in each room, and activities to help students choose a book.
  • Said one 9th grade homeroom teacher, “I had kids who were so excited about certain books they had to janken over who got it. No apathy for reading in 9.1!”
  • A middle school homeroom teacher said, “My students all came with books already chosen. We didn’t even do any introductory activities, but just got right to reading.”

We’re looking forward to a lot of enjoyment as well as growth through reading this year!