Seventh grade English students share a discovery about the reliability of online sources.

At OCSI we want students to collaborate because collaboration drives learning and is how the world is changed in the 21st century.


An Algebra II student uses his learning to help another student.

Collaboration drives learning because when students are asking the questions, whether of teachers or of other students, they want the answers. When students answer each others’ questions, the asker doesn’t have to wait in line for the teacher, and the answerer has used his or her learning to serve. When other students don’t know the answer, they collaborate with the teacher. When students work on questions together, motivation is contagious. And together is how we make the products and solutions that impact the world.


A chemistry student brings his question to the teacher when group mates can’t answer it.

This week I saw students collaborating in many settings: 6th grade science, 7th grade English, Algebra II, chemistry, the high school dinner theater/talent show called Cafe Dolce.


Sixth grade scientists studying heat collaborate to insulate a home.

Hawaiian dance

High schoolers collaborated in many ways (including a hula dance) to entertain their audience and raise money for the seniors at Cafe Dolce on March 24.

It was great to see students actively engaged in their learning, helping each other learn, and using their learning to bring joy to their community.