High School Happenings:

Mr. Lloyd’s Intro to Computer Science students are currently learning how to program microcontrollers to control servo motors and read information from sensors. Advanced Computer Science students have recently made a self-watering hydroponics system growing chili plants with fish and are currently working on an “Internet of Things” motion-activated light with LEDs.

We are excited about the hands on learning that will be taking place in some of the middle and high school science classes during the 3rd and 4th quarter. Different classes will dissect such things as earthworms, fish, crawfish, frogs, and pigs. Pictures to come!

This week high school students and teachers are saying farewell to Mrs. Reihle. Mrs. Reihle has served faithfully at OCSI and will truly be missed. We also are welcoming Mrs. Lesley Cashon to the OCSI family. Mrs. Cashon recently moved to Okinawa and will be covering the Biology, Chemistry, and Marine Biology classes for the remainder of the year.