reader-310398_640We want to see students understanding God, His world, and their place in it. This is one of our expected student outcomes, and I’m excited about understandings I’ve seen OCSI secondary students grappling with this week. Things like…
  • There is more to individuals, events, and societies than appears on the surface—by reading a short story, taking notes on it, and discussing it (English 7).
  • The phases of the moon—by holding a golf ball in front of an electric bulb, sketching what is observed, and discussing it with classmates (Science 8).
  • How absolute and relative location help us understand the world (Geography 7).
  • Parallelism (synthetic and antithetic) in the Psalms, in a quotation from John F. Kennedy, and in the opening of A Tale of Two Cities (English 12).
  • The probability of a recent PowerBall win (Honors Geometry).
  • The impact of geography on culture of native Americans—by giving a researched group presentation (US history).
  • The relationship between mass and volume (physical science).
  • Commercial implications of chemistry in the invention of Teflon (chemistry).
  • Personal connections with Bible verses—by designing a postcard (Bible Application).
  • How we can extrapolate principles from the Bible that are applicable today in spite of all the ways life has changed in the thousands of years since it was written (Bible Apologetics).
Our world is an amazing place—created by an amazing God who loves to see us use it with delight, gratitude, humility, creativity, and compassion. We love to see the students developing those understandings!
Kim Essenburg, curriculum coordinator
Equipping students to walk with God and impact the world for Him
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