PlaySafely Campaign

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Play is an important part of an OCSI education!


  • Because play helps our students stay healthy.
  • Because play helps our students practice teamwork and develop character.
  • Because play helps our students think strategically and exercise their imaginations.

At OCSI, we give our students opportunities to play—before school, through physical education, and during recess, lunch, and sports. And we don’t just want our students to play; we also want them to play safely.

From September 2016 through February 2017, Yomitan is connecting the road by Sera-en to the main road above OCSI.

This means there will be a new public road on the far side of our playing field. Because the impact of this new road, we are going to promote playing safely in a variety of ways, including…

Help us play safely and cover the estimated costs of ¥7 million ($70,000) by…

  • Giving a gift to our PlaySafely Campaign in Japan or the US.
  • Praying for God to provide needed funds and safety as our students play.

Together, let’s help OCSI students play safely!


Where is the new road going to go?

It will go from Sera-en, along the backside of the playing, past the staff apartments, and up to the Zanpa Chuo Road.

Where will the poles and netting go to stop balls from going onto the new road?

At the far end of the playing field by the staff apartments. 

How will the new road affect the back entrance?

We anticipate more traffic on the new road, and we will monitor the effects of this.

Why does OCSI want to extend the fence by the elementary playground?

So that soccer balls and basketballs don’t go rolling out onto the driveway.

How can I give to the PlaySafely Campaign?

To give a gift within Japan, please make your gift in one of the following ways:

  • Cash, in person: Our cashier is open during school business hours.
  • Bank transfer: Okinawa Bank, Yomitan Branch, Futsu Yokin Savings Account #1424856
  • Postal transfer: Postal Savings Account #17010-17775431
  • Bank check:Please make your check payable to Okinawa Christian School International.

To give a gift from within the US and worldwide, please give online, by check, or by electronic fund transfer through Resourcing Christian Education International.

Is my gift tax-deductible?

Gifts of over ¥2000 given through OCSI are eligible for tax deductibility in Japan. Upon request, OCSI will provide necessary documentation, and we encourage donors in Japan to consult with their tax advisor.

Gifts given through Resourcing Christian Education International (a mission located in the USA that sends staff to OCSI) are tax-deductible in the USA.

How can I promote the PlaySafely Campaign?

What role do capital improvement fees play in covering costs?

We are covering costs with PlaySafely Campaign funds and the remainder with capital improvement fees.

Whom do I contact to learn more about making a donation?

Please contact our Development Office at