Walkathon 2016 Recap:

Over 400 people participated in our annual Walkathon, held 11/12/2016 (Saturday), and we raised ¥1.7 million towards our PlaySafely Campaign!

As part of our PlaySafely Campaign, Walkathon funds will be used to help us put poles and netting between our playing field and the new public road. In addition…

  • We had ice cream celebrations for each of the 3 classes with the highest average donation per student.
  • 10% of all donations for 5th-12th graders will go to class funds to help pay for their trips in 5th, 8th, and 12th grade.
  • College scholarships will be given out for graduating seniors.

How can you stay involved?

If you and/or your business or employer would like to help more…

Special THANKS to:

  • Akamichi Printing
  • Art Print
  • Blue Seal Ice Cream
  • Central Baptist Church
  • Ms. Mitsuyo Fujikawa
  • Furugen Seika
  • Isa Insurance Services
  • Kokopelli Pizza
  • Neighborhood Church
  • Okinawa Idou-hanbai Network Service
  • Plants Shingaku Juku
  • Tenju-En
  • Waffle Truck
  • AND to all the tireless & wonderful OCSI parents and staff!!!