Collaboration means “working together to produce something”. In real life, we do this all the time. At our jobs, in our family, with our friends. In fact, when you look at research regarding the “7 Skills Employers Look For”, they’re almost exclusively soft skills. Collaboration and teamwork is such an important skill for an OCSI Learner and so vital to their future success.

Some examples of how OCSI students have collaborated recently include:

  • High School History students worked in stations to learn about the different aspects of the Byzantine Empire.  Some students are assembling mosaics and comparing different art styles.
  • Middle School Literacy students worked in groups to write stories for wordless picture books.  They recorded the dialogue and made a video of the book. 2nd and 3rd grade Literacy students watched the videos and gave feedback about the story and recording.
  • High School Science students collaborated to complete science labs.
  • Pre-K students collaborated to build a structure with big blocks during learning center time.  
  • High School Bible students collaborated by completing a peer review on heresy papers.
  • Middle School Math students paired up proportions so that they are equivalent.