Over the past weeks and months, it feels like the entire world has been scrambling to find ways to “keep going” and “stay safe” at the same time. OCSI is no different and we have surely felt the pressure to balance our students’ academic, socio-emotional, physical, and safety needs as we make decisions. Today, I am thankful for modern technology, enthusiastic teachers, flexible students, and caring parents who have enabled our students to thrive during Online School.

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I’ve been checking in with teachers, parents, and students and I am so encouraged by how the OCSI community is persevering through this challenging time. It will surely be a school year our children remember well, and maybe even tell their children and grandchildren about. 

Learning may look a little different this month, but one thing is sure… OCSI students are learning! 

  • 4th and 5th grade artists recreated famous works of art through the Getty Museum Photo Challenge. 
  • Students of all ages made hypotheses, performed science experiments, and reported and reflected on their findings.
  • Kindergarten authors wrote about their favorite pets.
  • High school mathematicians solved equations and learned new skills.
  • 7th grade digital tools students created “I am” videos to creatively express their values, preferences, and future ambitions. 
  • 2nd grade Japanese students created origami dogs.
  • 5th grade authors wrote creative stories in response to a picture.
  • High School computer scientists learned how to use a modeling program called Fusion360 to create parametric, stackable strawberry planters that can be 3D printed.
  • 1st grade authors wrote acrostic poems.
  • Elementary athletes worked on their balance skills.
  • Pre-K artists created art from loose parts they found outside.
  • Students reviewed topics, heard lectures, and played games with their teachers and classmates through online portals.

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All of us here at OCSI are focused on planning for students to come back to school and how to best support students and families through this crisis. In the meantime, let’s give our kids a break! For those who are thriving and surviving with the routine, that is great news. For those who are struggling, let’s focus on helping them do what they can and finish the year well… it will be okay! 

As a parent, my thoughts are all over the place: “it’s too much, it’s not enough, my kids need to go out and play, it’s not safe to play there, I’m not doing enough, I’m doing too much”, and the list goes on. For all of us that are trying to balance being a parent, an employee, and supervise our children’s education at home… hang in there! Focus on setting reasonable expectations for yourself (and your children) and take time to unplug and be renewed. 

Across the globe, our schools, students, families, and educators are under enormous pressure right now.  Thank you for joining together in prayer for the OCSI community as we do our best to work together and allow the students to finish the school year well. Isaiah 40:31 reminds us that “those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on the wings like eagles; they will run and not grow weary, they will walk and not grow faint”.   


Megan Roe, Head of School

For more parent resources to help with Online School, please check out the OCSI Online School page on our website at- http://ocsi.org/online-school/