This has been an exciting year for technology integration at OCSI! For the first time, each student in grades 4-12 has their own Chromebook and we have a new Elementary computer lab for grades K-3. The goal of  the 1:1 Chromebook Program and new computer lab has been for students to gain the 21st Century skills they need to GROW, SERVE, and CREATE! Here are some examples of what that looks like in the classroom..



  • Grade 4 Historians used Chromebooks to create graphic organizers as they did research for their American History biographies.  
  • Grade 7 Historians created fake social media accounts after researching historical figures.
  • Elementary students are using SeeSaw to share their new knowledge and skills with families..



  • High School Writers share online assignments with one another, using pictures of themselves to build a community of learning and empathy.
  • Grade 3 Writers used Google Docs to write, revise, and share their opinion about ways we can improve our school with the administration.
  • MIddle and High School Life Groups discussed topics such as staying safe online, cyber bullying, hate speech, and other digital citizenship topics. 



  • High School Artists collaborated with the Computer Science teacher to use a laser engraver to create a unique stamp from their artwork.
  • Grade 5 Scientists created models of the solar system using PixelArt.



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