Here are some parent responses:

  • “The best and affordable international education on the island.”
  • “OCSI is a fun school that kids love to be in everyday. Staff and teachers are genuinely caring and loving. The school is looking down on the beautiful ocean and the park nearby is also a nice treat for children and families.”
  • “I love, love, love OCSI! When we arrived in Okinawa and found out my husband would be deployed for two years, OCSI was the reason why didn’t return to the States and stayed in Okinawa… OCSI is the one thing that we will miss after four years when we PCS this summer. We would have loved to send our twins here. Maybe when we come back to Okinawa in a few years.”
  • “I am satisfied with the environment that students can use library with frequency.”
  • “My kids enjoy everyday school life at OCSI with professional teachers.”
  • “We love OCSI!”
  • “OCSI provides my child with a safe and supporting environment. I like how students are divided in small-sized classes because the teachers are able to put an eye on each student, which offers every student the opportunity to develop their own special talents.”