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Welcome to OCSI!

To all the new families, thank you for entrusting us with your child’s education. We promise to make this academic year a memorable and enriching experience for every one of them!

School Hours/Bell Schedule

Elementary (PreK-G5)

Arrive to School 8:00-8:25
School Starts 8:25
School Ends 3:05
Dismissal Time: 3:05-3:15

Secondary (G6-12)

Arrive to School 8:00-8:20
School Starts 8:20
School Ends 3:05
Dismissal Time: 3:05-3:15

Please Read School handbook for more details

Late Work Policy

Students must promptly discuss missed work with their teacher and will receive equal time to complete it based on days absent. It is the student’s responsibility to speak with the teacher regarding any work that was missed due to an absence. For Secondary students, late submissions will incur a penalty. Assignments turned in after the due date will receive a deduction of 10% for each day they are late, up to a maximum of five days. If an assignment is more than five days late without prior agreement from the teacher, it will not be accepted and may receive a grade of zero.