Admission Guidelines

The admissions guidelines for OCSI are inclusive and do not regard race, religion, or biological gender. Gaining admission to OCSI is a multi-faceted process that includes one or more of the following:

  • An administrative interview of the student and parents
  • Review of previous school records, including but not limited to, report cards, standardized test results, behavior records, etc.
  • Verification of an English language support system in the home (for example, one custodial parent or guardian that speaks English in the home)
  • Demonstration of sufficient English language skills by age 5; language proficiency test may be administered
  • Completion of a reading diagnostic to determine if a student is reading at a level that is within one year of the grade to which they are seeking admission

Identification of special learning needs that may require special accommodations by either the classroom teacher or administration

English Language Proficiency: OCSI uses the following English language proficiency criteria for admission:

  • Students’ English abilities must be at a level appropriate for their grade level in relation to available resources.
    • Applicants for grades 9-12 should have grade-level English proficiency to be admitted.
    • Applicants for grades 6-8 should be within one grade level of English proficiency to be admitted.
    • Applicants for kindergarten – grade 5 should be within two grade levels of English proficiency to be admitted. Exception: applicants for kindergarten through grade 2 whose English proficiency is more than two grade levels below may possibly be admitted, depending on the overall composition of the class.
    • Students for whom English is an additional language and whose English proficiency is not at grade level may be assigned conditions of enrollment, such as working with a specialist and/or tutor during the school year and attending an approved summer school program. Students must demonstrate satisfactory progress toward reaching grade-level English proficiency. An annual review of student assessment results will be used to determine if the student will exit the English literacy program, continue in the program, or be asked to enroll in another school that can better meet the student’s needs.
  • Parents must understand that OCSI is an English-speaking school and that they are expected to participate in their child’s education by being informed and are responsible for all OCSI expectations and communications.
  • OCSI may deny admission of applicants for any of the following reasons for whom English is an additional language and whose English proficiency is insufficient: the teaching load of the staff, the class size and educational dynamics of the grade for which the student is applying, and the unavailability of an appropriately trained teacher.

All Applicants: 

  • Online Application Form
  • Record Release Form
  • A copy of  passport page showing your child’s birthday
  • A recent family photo
  • Physical Health Form
  • Previous school records for at least the past two years (Grade 2-12)
  • Behaviour/Discipline records  (*If applicable)
  • Current year’s progress report
  • Application fee

Grade 7-12 Student Required Documents:

  • Official transcript and school profile
    • Initial transcript at the time of application, final transcript before enrolling
  • A standardized test score report (MAP/ PSAT, etc.)
  • English proficiency exam for non-native English speakers

Age/Readiness for Kindergarten and Grade 1:

The Leadership Team makes decisions about student placement and is guided by the following:

  • A student entering preK or kindergarten is to be 3, 4, or 5 years of age before September 1 of the admission year to preK or kindergarten respectively. 
  • A student entering 1st grade is to be 6 years of age before September 1 of the admission year.
  • Previous placement of transfer students.

All applicants must submit a completed physical that includes a satisfactory tuberculosis screening (skin test, x-ray, or QFT).

Residence: All applicants to OCSI must reside with a parent or legal guardian or in a school-recognized alternative residence (host family or relative). Families are responsible for reporting to OCSI that the student is not residing with the parent(s)/guardian(s).

When the number of eligible applicants exceeds the availability of spaces for a particular grade year, students may be placed in a wait pool until space becomes available.

Students with siblings already enrolled at OCSI are given priority status within the wait pool, as are children of OCSI staff and alumni, students returning to Japan who have previously attended OCSI, and dependents.

Applicants accepted for admission are asked to accept or decline the offer within two week of receiving notice of acceptance by contacting our admissions office.
Once the offer has been accepted, parents will be sent an invoice for the one-time, non-refundable registration fee. They will also be sent a link to the online Docusign, where the enrollment process can be completed.

In order to confirm enrollment and reserve a space for the accepted applicant, completion of the online enrollment process and payment of the registration fee is due within two weeks of receipt of invoice, or two days before the student’s first day of attendance, whichever comes first.

These commitments must be made on a timely basis so that 1) we may ensure that places are held for accepted applicants who indeed wish to enroll and 2) in instances where accepted applicants choose other options, we may allocate places to other deserving candidates in the wait pool.