Ways to Give

We appreciate your generosity, and the following funds are available:

  • OCSI Fund helps us continue to equip students to become world influencers.
  • Capital Improvement Fund helps us maintain and enhance our facilities.
  • College Scholarship Fund helps qualifying students cover their college costs.
  • Staff Care Fund helps us show appreciation of and care for staff.
  • Tuition Assistance Fund makes it possible for qualifying students to attend OCSI.

Gifts in Japan:

OCSI is certified as a Tokutei Koueki Zoushin Houjin 特定公益増進法人 (Special Public Interest Promotion Organization), and your donation may be deducted from your taxable income in Japan. Businesses, as well as individuals, are able to take advantage of this tax benefit. Upon request, OCSI will provide necessary documentation, and we encourage donors in Japan to consult with their tax advisor.

  • Cash, in person: Cashier open 8am~3:30am
  • Bank transfer: Okinawa Bank (Yomitan Branch) Futsu Yokin Account #1424856
  • Bank check: Checks payable to Okinawa Christian School International (Yen only)
  • Credit cards: Contact the Development Office for more details

Gifts in the US:

Your gift is 100% tax-deductible in the US, through RCE International.

Please give online, by check, or by electronic fund transfer to a designated fund through Resourcing Christian Education International.

Gifts in Kind:

We gratefully receive non-cash (material and/or service) gifts. Please contact our Development Office at development@ocsi.org.

Gifts to Support Missionary Staff:

To support a missionary staff member, please give a gift through the appropriate mission (contact the Development Office to find out which mission each staff is connected with):