Lunch Service

Our onsite Chefs from Cezars Kitchen have delivered nothing short of spectacular meal services. Cezars offers specials like their Birthday Classroom Service. You can arrange with our onsite Chef to have a special assortment of sweets and treats delivered straight to your students’ classroom on their special day.

For new lunch program enrollments or cancellations, please click the button below. If there are any questions related to catering services, nutrition or dining services, please contact Cezars directly at [email protected].

Bus Service at OCSI

  • OCSI has several bus routes, covering the central and southern part of the island.
  • When you apply, we may be able to provide a seat right away or we may need to place you on our waiting list.
  • Please review our school bus service policy for information about bus service, change requests, rules, and responsibilities. Please note that your submission of Bus application form will constitute an agreement of the OCSI Bus Service Policy by you and your student.   This policy includes your understanding of the rules, conduct and guidelines that we are asking parents to review with their students.  As a part of our continuing efforts to improve our Child Safety policies, OCSI will be strictly following this policy.
  • Please note that for Child Safety concerns, we do not publish our Bus Routes and/or Stop Times on the OCSI Website nor any of our social media outlets (such as Facebook). Please contact the bus coordinator at [email protected] for further information.
    ⼦供達の安全を考え、バスルートや時間等は学校ウェブサイトをはじめフェイスブック等のソー シャルメディアには掲載しませんのでご了承ください。バスに関するお問い合わせはバスコーディネーターまで([email protected])お願いします。

Change of Bus Service

(Cancel or Permanent change route)


Please use this form to inform the school about changes in Bus routes.

After School Program

We provide after-school childcare for PreK~5th grade students every school day (except early dismissal days) from 3:00~6:00pm. Our program includes activities and homework assistance. Parents are expected to pick up their children as no bus service is available.

>> After School Care Program Policy
>> After School Care Program Application Form