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What do you love about the Christmas season?

Elementary Connections: What do you love about the Christmas season? For me, I love the extra time with family and friends, yummy food, and singing Christmas songs to celebrate the birth of Jesus at church. [...]

Celebrating the birth of Jesus

Elementary students gave a wonderful performance at their November 30 Christmas program. We are celebrating Jesus birth with music and drama! We are using Christmas programs on November 30 and December 7 to [...]

It’s a privilege to partner with you

Elementary students sing during their November 30 Christmas program. OCSI Connections: Thank you for the privilege of partnering with you to educate your child(ren). We are pleased to provide you with a Christian-focused, Western-style education [...]

First quarter went well

Our first quarter at OCSI went well! Elementary teachers used new science materials to help students learn about God's world. Students and parents attended Bible studies. Students improved their thinking, communication, and collaboration and learned about a biblical [...]

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