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Middle school students are learning!

Middle School Happenings: What have middle schoolers been learning? 6th grade science students have begun studying Newton’s Laws of Motion. As part of their studies, they built their own “Newton’s Cradles.” In 6th grade social [...]

Good things are happening in high school

Students and teachers from the AmerAsian School recently visited. High School Happenings: The marine biology class had the opportunity to dissect rays and sharks on one day and bony fishes another. Each dissection group had a different [...]

God is at work at OCSI

OCSI Connections: How is God at work at OCSI? Students are learning about God, His world, and their place in it. Some students have been inviting their classmates to church. A student asked about a [...]

Good things are happening!

5th graders are learning how to communicate through oral biography reports. OCSI Connections: Yes, good things are happening at OCSI! For example, students continue to learn about God, His world, and their place in it: K5 [...]

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