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Students work together

Annual Report 2018: Secondary (Head of School • Elementary • Business Manager • Board) It has been a great year of seeing the students working together in and outside of the classroom. The Bible reminds us that by joining together we can [...]

This year has been filled with learning!

Annual Report 2018: Head of School (Elementary • Secondary • Business Manager • Board) I’m excited! I’m excited because this year has been filled with students learning about God and His world, thinking critically and Biblically, collaborating respectfully, communicating effectively and truthfully, [...]

Thank you!

PTF Connections: Hello, parents! Thank you again for showing your appreciation to our teachers and staff in many ways in the last month! Teachers were moved by so many presents and heart-warming cards from the students. The [...]

Helping students grow strong in Jesus

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=98_EKYsPrMA On May 5, we celebrated Children’s Day, a Japanese national holiday. As part of the celebration, people flew carp streamers (see 34-second video). Why fly carp streamers? Because Japanese parents want their children to [...]

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