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PTF involved in refurbishing a meeting place

PTF Connections: Hello, parents! Thank you for your continued support of your children and our school.  It is wonderful to see so many parents at the different school events throughout the year. Your presence and support [...]

Mrs. Essenburg published on NCTE’s blog

Mrs. Essenburg, curriculum coordinator and high school English teacher, was recently published on the blog of the National Council of Teachers of English. Her article, "Pairing Texts for Deepening Reading Comprehension," reflects how she helps [...]

Second semester is off to a good start

OCSI Connections: We're off to a good start: Students are engaged in learning and playing hard at recess and during sports. Preparations are being finalized for Service Week. We have upgraded the admissions section on our [...]

I’m excited about learning at OCSI

Students need to learn a lot during their elementary, middle, and high school years. They need to learn things like how to spell beautiful, what the square of a number is, and where democracy began. And that’s [...]

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