Meet our Leadership Team

  • Megan Roe (Head of School): Megan is from the United States and graduated from the University of Missouri with a Bachelors of Science in Education and an M.S. from Fort Hayes State University in Instructional Technology with an administration endorsement. She has over 10 years of experience in international education in Japan (Sapporo and Tokyo), having served as a teacher and curriculum coordinator. Megan enjoys the beautiful ocean view and kind students at OCSI. She also enjoys spending time with her husband and three daughters, spending time in nature, and drinking coffee.
  • Sosro Wibowo Karsosoemo(Business Manager)Sosro is from Indonesia. He graduated from Waseda University with a Bachelors of Science in Industrial System Engineering. He worked in the IT industry for 14 years, spending the last 8 years managing projects for Symantec. In 2015 he moved to Okinawa with his wife and son and worked full time as a church leader. Having blessed with a daughter since then, he enjoys raising up family in this beautiful island and being part of OCSI team serving God’s work in Okinawa.
  • Brynn Childers (Secondary Principal)Brynn is from the United States and has a Master of Arts in Teaching from Texas Woman’s University and a Masters in Educational Leadership from Dallas Baptist University. She spent 9 years as a teacher and administrator in the US before coming to OCSI. Brynn enjoys the family feel and kind hearts of everyone at OCSI. She also enjoys Facetime with her children, reading, and being outside savoring God’s creation as much as possible.
  • Sarah Turner (Elementary Principal): Sarah was born in Florida, but moved to Japan at 2 months of age. She grew up outside Tokyo until graduating from High School at Christians Academy in Japan. She graduated from Johnson University and received her B.S. in Elementary Education and Bible with an emphasis in ESL. In addition, she holds a Masters of Arts in Holistic Education. Sarah has taught 1st grade for 7 years at OCSI. Sarah enjoys traveling, drinking tea, and unique earrings.

Board of Directors

Meet OCSI’s board, a group of volunteers along with OCSI’s head of school:

  • (Auditor) Shu Aoki
  • (Auditor) Larry Brantley
  • Chris Eyre
  • Toshitatsu Horii
  • Yamato Nakagawa
  • Emma Ikehara
  • Shingo Kawasaki
  • David Hutchings

The board uses the policy governance model. The board sets the mission and vision, and the Leadership Team implements the mission and vision, which includes helping students achieve OCSI’s expected student outcomes. Board activity is monitored by the auditors and council, in compliance with the Articles of Incorporation.

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