Info for Visitors


>> Go Back PRE-REGISTRATION  To participate in the OCSI College Fair, all visitors must complete the registration process. Only people who have completed the registration will be eligible to participate in the fair. If you will participate in the college fair as a group, please have a counselor or teacher fill out this form on your behalf. OCSIカレッジフェアに参加するには、来場者が登録手続きを完了する必要があります。参加登録が完了した方のみがフェアに参加することができます。 学校として団体で入場希望の場合は、カウンセラーまたは教員のかたが代表でご記入ください。 Pre-Registration / 参加登録申し込み Download flyer ARRIVAL AT OCSI Parking Information: TBC We provide spots only for schools that have filled out the form to come by school bus/van. DO [...]