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We're in the home stretch, and good things continue to happen: Elementary students had a blast during Kid City and on field day. Secondary students are enjoying spring activities, including the Jr/Sr Banquet, soccer, and track. Parents [...]

Thank you!

PTF Connections: Hello, Parents! Thank you again for the many ways you showed appreciation to our teachers and staff last month! May is filled with events as we look forward to summer vacation. It is [...]

Kid City helps elementary students learn about community

Each year our gym is transformed into Kid City, a simulation for 1st and 2nd graders that helps them understand how a community works. Students run a variety of services, and when they are not busy offering a service, students [...]

What good things happened this year?

OCSI Connections: We want our students to understand God, His world, and their place in it; we also want our students to use their learning to serve. Here are some of the ways this has [...]

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