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How did OCSI grow during the past school year?

OCSI Connections: I'm excited that as an organization, OCSI grew this year. Ways that come to mind include: Elementary offered six after school clubs (cooking, STEM, crafts/puppets, basketball, soccer, and running). Secondary students participated in [...]

Another good year at OCSI

We've had a good year at OCSI! Check out 1 or more sections of OCSI's annual report: This year has been filled with learning Another amazing year at OCSI Let’s celebrate growth Students work together [...]

Students celebrate at promotion ceremonies

At the June 12 kindergarten promotion ceremony, students sang “The Phonics Song,” recited the Lord’s Prayer, sang "First Grade, First Grade," and received their diplomas. Also on June 12, the OCSI community celebrated with 5th grade [...]

Congratulations to the Class of 2018

On June 8, the OCSI community celebrated the high school graduation of the 30 members of the Class of 2018. Seven seniors were National Honor Society members, 15 seniors were honor graduates, and college-bound seniors received US$1,035,748 in [...]

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